• GeBiDoc
  • GeBiDoc

GeBiDoc is a multi-user, web-based document management system, allowing for automatic indexation as well as indexation by human experts. It is designed for the production of stand-alone, electronic documentation products and provides an editorial environment fit to each product. It also contains a tool for information monitoring and dissemination.

Skills:Design and specification of extensions, maintenance, production, release management, integration

Technologies: ASP.NET, IIS, Microsoft SQL Server, C#, prototype.js JavaScript framework , git

Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio

TRNSYS Simulation Studio

  • TRNSYS Simulation Studio
  • Trnsys

TRNSYS is the worldwide leading software for the transient simulation of buildings and systems, including multi zone buildings. I designed the integrated development environment (IDE), Simulation Studio, from its very beginning. TRNSYS Simulation Studio has been the leading software in this sector for decades. Early versions have been ported to Unix and Mac.

Skills: Lead architect, main developer, later project manager (team of up to 5 persons); coordination of the integration of parts developed by international partners: simulation kernel and mathematical models by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, and a complex building computation model by TRANSSOLAR, Germany. Management of subcontractors.

Technologies: C, C++, MFC, Stingray class library, FORTRAN, LISP

Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio, G95, Intel Visual Fortran composer, LeLisp, Aida

More information Trnsys homepage

NBDM (Neutral Building Data Model)

  • NBDM (Neutral Building Data Model)
  • NBDM concept

Design of a neutral data model for the description of buildings, and implementation of research prototypes. The format is now widely used by all major French simulation software editors. Supervision of the implementation of translators.

Skills: Lead architect, project manager; specification of project promotion web site for subcontractor.

Technologies: C++, XML, Html

Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio

Olms (Online License Management System)

  • Olms (Online License Management System)
  • OLMS users

Design and specification of an Online Licence Managment Tool (back end) and its API with client software (front end) using it. Migration over several versions of host infrastructure and client software.

Skills: Design, project manager, implementation in several client software packages;

Technologies: PHP, HTML, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 & 2008; verious languages for client implementation (C, C++, C#, JAVA)

Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008 & 2010; Eclipse

More information Example of clients using the OLMS system


  • Maplorer
  • Maplorer

Moving MAP navigation program for Windows CE and Windows Mobile based portable devices such as GPS systems, PDAs and smartphones. MOBAC plug-in for creating maps.

Skills: Idea, design, implementation, test and a lot of fun

Technologies: C#, GPS API (for the client); JAVA (for the MOBAC plug-in); PHP, JAVASCRIPT, Google Maps API (for GPX file viewer); Flex, Adobe ActionScript (for 3D maps)

Tools: .NET Compact Framework, Windows Mobile; Eclipse

More information Maplorer website - free download!


  • MultiOpt
  • MultiOpt GUI

Tool for multi criteria optimization of systems, using an existing genetic algorithm developed by the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK).

Skills: Design, Implementation, encapsulation of an existing code.

Technologies: C, C#; Windows API;

Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio, .NET

More information Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur



Online tool for the conformity check of accessibility regulations with respect to French regulations.

Skills: Implementation of a function to export reports to Excel.

Technologies: JAVA, Struts, Hypernate, Php, Tomcat, Ant, Maven

Tools: Eclpise / Galileo

More information Ministery web site


  • Pepsy

Testbench for piloting equipment tests. I designed on both the interactive graphical user interface and the plug-ins allowing the simulation software to communicate with the GUI and laboratory equipment.

Skills: Design, specification, implementation, documentation, installation.

Technologies: C#, Zedgraph, C++

Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio, .NET

More information PEPSY brochure


  • Valpac-Online
  • VALPAC concept

Online data base for monitoring field experiments. Client-server style architecture with embedded, real-time components on the client side. Internet portal for live access to measurements.

Skills: Design, specification, implementation, documentation, installation, maintenance.

Technologies: ASP, C#, Zedgraph (web version)

Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio, .NET

More information VALPAC web site

SimSol, Transol, Odirsol

  • SimSol, Transol, Odirsol
  • Example GUI

Specification & implementation of a series of simplified user interfaces for the simulation of solar hot water systems and solar cooling systems.

Skills: Design, specification, implementation, documentation, product management.

Technologies: C++, C#, Zedgraph

Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio, .NET

More information Software distributor for France


  • European project

Introduction of a quality approach in the software development process, using the SPICE methodoligy.

Skills: Project Manager of the European project ESSI-24149

Technologies: SPICE

Tools: Concerto/SKIPPER (SEMA group) and other tools for quality assurance.

More information Project page at the European Commission