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Places on the Internet

Google does a pretty good job showing you around the Internet. So I just keep a couple of links here which I find useful, surprising or which people tend to ask me about...


Discover some places where I've been on Tripadvisor. Great site to plan a trip - find flight or a hotel, discover rumours, ...

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is the program my computer runs when it has not much else to do (when it has nothing to do, I switch it off to save the planet). I don't know what the odds are we will really meet E.T. one day, but I think this is a great illustration of distributed computing and how far you can go with a limited budget and a great idea.

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Thanks for all the spam!

You may have wondered about the WPoison. logo on my homepage. It is a another original idea of fighting spam - spam the spammers! It may not give you immediate relieve like an anti-spam, but it makes you feel better :-) Heal the world!

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In 2002, I started to be submerged by spam email, so I wrote an anti-spam tool. I still think it uses a quite original approach based on 'private' keys. Although even Microsoft promoted a similar idea later, the concept never took off. I keep it online mainly for nostalgia :-).

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