Mountain Biking

Together with some colleagues, we ride our mountain bikes to work once or twice a week. The chalenge is to cover the approx. 20km avoiding any roads as much as possible.

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More information Local ride-your-bike-to-work website (in French)


Horseback riding

When I was young, I thought people talking to their animals are crazy. Then, I met a cat who explained that I was wrong. Later still, I met some real friendly and patient horses who taught me that not only you can talk to them, but they answer, too. They had talked to me all the time, but I was deaf and blind.
My favorite place for riding is at 'Magic Poney' ranch in Caussols: friendly people and horses, breathtaking landscape...

To the right, my friend Igor ->

More information Magic Poney

first flight


I am member of the Cannes model plane club.

I own a Multiplex EasyStar, EasyGlider, a weasel and a ZAK wing. EPP is fun - I refer piloting to constructing/repairing :-) I also have a lot of fun with an electric CO-Comanche indoor helicopter.
I take lessons to pilot a Cessna 155 at Cannes-Mandelieu (LFMD).

More information MACCANNES website (in French)

Werner Keilholz

Ice Hockey

I used to play ice hockey in the NHL - Nice Hockey Loisirs, the leisure team of the city of Nice :-)

My achievements include owning the weirdest skates on the team...

Werner Keilholz


When I was young I did some quite crazy things with a white-water kayak... At one point I did too many things at the same time, and the kayak left. Nostalgia...

More information Kayaking back in the old days