Werner Keilholz


MAPLORER is a map explorer for Windows CE based portable devices such as GPS systems and smartphones. I wrote it for my TAKARA GP26, which is one of the hottest low-cost car GPS systems you can currently get. As I also use it to record tracks when biking, I often wished I could have my hiking maps in it. Its easy to make JPG files from Google maps and such, but they are awkward to handle with the standard image viewing software, especially if you want to carry several tiles (screens).

MAPLORER allows you to organize maps in tiles, navigate through them and add Poi's (points of interest).

Version 2 also shows your current position, traces, saves and loads routes and has manuals in English and French.

You can download it here. Just copy the content of the ZIP to your device and start maplorer.exe (no installation required). Instructions are included under 'Help', but I recommend to read the manual (Word document) in the ZIP.


Where to get maps

GPS tracks in France